Choose an affordable, tasty and convenient meal plan with us and
never worry about food again!

STEP 1. Select your location and meal time

STEP 2. Select the price tier of your meals

Delivered for as low as $3.50 per meal!
Enjoy a greater variety of menu selection!
Enjoy a premium fare with upsized option!

STEP 3. Select number of meals per month

meals per month

$1.50 $1.00 DELIVERY/ ITEM

*Save Up To $5.00!
meals per month

$1.00 $0.50 DELIVERY/ ITEM

*Save Up To $7.50!
meals per month

$0.80 $0.30 DELIVERY/ ITEM

*Save Up To $10.00!
*For First 100 Customers Only.


The WhyQ subscription plan cover areas in Central Business District currently. Stay tuned as we are expanding to more areas!

WhyQ Subscription plan will take effect from 15 July 2019.

WhyQ offers 3 different price tiers for lunch and dinner meal plans, allowing you to start to plan and pre-order meals. We provide exciting curated menus from different food centres and also hassle-free from order daily!

The minimum order is 1 item per delivery and the maximum order for different subscription tiers are as follows:


For plan with 10 meals, max order is 2meals/delivery

For plan with 15 meals, max order is 3 meals/delivery

For plan with 20 meals, max order is 4 meals/delivery


Confirmation email will be sent after selection.


The cut off timing for Lunch is at 10.00AM and Dinner will be at 5.00PM sharp. For any new subscription plans, users can commerce on the following day

WhyQ subscription plan menu are categorized as Basic, Standard and Premium plan. Each curated plan consists of a large variety of hawker delights from various food centres such as Maxwell Food Centre, Amoy Food Centre, Chinatown Complex, Market Street Interim and Hong Lim Food Centre.

Lunch menus are different from dinner menus. You may choose any 3 delivery timings from

(1) 12.15PM - 12.30PM;
(2) 1.15PM - 1.30PM; 
(3) 7.00PM - 7.30PM.

Note that for any deliveries during the weekends, delivery timings may vary. Food availability is subjected to individual store operating hours. 

All refunds will be made through the same mode of payment you used to order.


Menu will be updated on a monthly basis.

The WhyQ subscription plan lasts for 30 days from the date you sign up for this plan or until all meals are planned/reserved, whichever comes first. All remaining unplanned meals will be forfeited after 30 days. Reminder emails will be sent weekly.

Subscription plans will be renewed automatically after the end of every subscription. Users will receive email notifications to choose menus for the following month. The subscription plan will be terminated once the user choose to cancel/change in their profile. 



For new users, you may sign up using your Facebook account or email. You may login to proceed to start your monthly plan!

Credit Card/ Debit Cards are accepted for payment. 

Note that any other form such as cash payment and Android pay are not accepted for the moment. 

You may cancel or edit your order anytime before the cut-off timings. The cut-off timings for lunch is 10:00AM and 5:00PM for dinner. 


You may contact us at and we will set it up for you.

First time user may utilise their promo code under WhyQ subscription plan. We regret to inform that other promo codes are not applicable under WhyQ subscription plan, unless otherwise stated.

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