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  • 52,782 No. of Meals delivered
  • 583 No. of Caterings
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Welcome your team back to the office. Express your gratitude to your customers or colleagues and show that you care!

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For other packaging requirements, please contact us at corporate@whyq.sg

Why order from WhyQ?

WhyQ One Step Solution


For company events
and team lunches

WhyQ Curated Menu


Curated menu from local hawker
food to affordable restaurant

WhyQ Affordability


Bento/Buffet catering
from local hawker food

Tailored Menus

For all kinds of occasions

WhyQ Team Lunch Bento

Team Lunch Bento

From $5/pax
WhyQ Variety Bento

Variety Bento

From $6/pax
WhyQ Mixed Bento

Mixed Bento

From $6/pax
WhyQ Japanese Fusion Lunch

Japanese Fusion Lunch

From $12/pax
WhyQ Local Delights

Local Delights

From $10/pax
WhyQ High Tea Hour

High Tea Hour

From $8/pax

Safe Distancing Measures

WhyQ Riders' Temperatures are Taken Before Dispatch

Riders' temperatures are taken before dispatch

WhyQ Sealed Containers

Sealed Containers

WhyQ Contactless Drop off available

Contactless Drop off available

WhyQ Hand Sanitizers provided

Hand Sanitizers provided

WhyQ Face Masks

Face Masks

WhyQ Cash Less Payment

Cash Less Payment

Our Happy Clients

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