The WhyQ courier will bring your food to your preselected delivery location which is usually at the lobby of your building.

WhyQ is currently available in CBD only, and delivers to selected buildings only. We will be expanding to a larger area in the near future.

WhyQ is currently available for 3 lunch time-slots. Please order by 10:30am for 12pm delivery or by 11:30am for 12:45pm or by 11:50am for 1:15pm delivery every weekday. We will be launching new delivery time-slots in the near future.

WhyQ is an early stage startup and a brand new food delivery service that brings Singapore’s favourite hawker food to you, at a simple, flat and significantly low delivery charge of S$1.5 per meal and with no minimum order.

Our goal is to provide busy individuals an opportunity to enjoy the unique tastes Singapore has to offer – conveniently, affordably and quickly.

With WhyQ, you will be able to add special instructions for each item that you order so that hawkers can prepare food based on your special requests. 

Please contact our support team through the app and we will take care of the rest.

There is a simple, flat and low S$1.5 delivery charge per meal when using WhyQ and this will always remain the same. However, there is no minimum order, and as a result, due to affordable prices at hawker centers, we ensure that the total cost to you remains very affordable.

Thank you for supporting our startup. Please indicate your interest at contactus@whyq.sg and we will get in touch with you.

WhyQ gives you the option of ordering food from affordable hawkers and food courts, so you can be part of Singapore’s unique food heritage without worrying about leaving a hole in your wallet. WhyQ brings a wide variety of hawkers and food courts at a delivery charge of S$1.5 per meal and with no minimum order, so you can order food just for yourself as well. You may only choose items from one stall in one order. 

WhyQ is partnering with over 330 hawker food stalls across 7 hawker centers at the moment and new hawker centers will be continuously added, so you will be able to see all your favourite hawker food shortly.

  1. Visit our website at www.whyq.sg, enter your delivery location and select delivery time.
  2. Select from a wide variety of Singapore’s favourite hawker food. 
  3. Place your order and follow notifications while we deliver your meal!

You can find your unique referral code in your profile page and share it with your friends. After your friend completes their first order, both you and your friend will get 3$ worth of credits in your WhyQ wallet. Please note you must complete your own first order too :)

Personal promo codes will be shared via emails and social media so make sure you like and follow us on our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts.

You do not need to tip your courier but you do get a chance to rate your experience with the food and with the courier.