Unfortunately no, WhyQ will curate the menu and send it to the Singapore government public hospitals who are keen to receive the sponsored food. This includes Singapore General Hospital, Sengkang General Hospital, and more.

A sponsored meal will cost $4.00.

Sponsored meals will be delivered to them within one week of your sponsorship.

Gift-A-meal sponsored meals will be sent to the government public hospitals in Singapore. This includes Singapore General Hospital, Sengkang General Hospital, and more.

Unfortunately, you will not be able to select the food item, as there are certain dietary restrictions from the recipients that we would have to adhere to. Rest assured, WhyQ will curate the menu from various hawker centres based on the needs of the healthcare workers.

No, sponsored meals will not have a tracking option. However, we will be able to send a receipt email upon the delivery of the order to the healthcare workers.

At the moment, this initiative is restricted to public government hospitals in Singapore only. However, we are working on expanding the list of beneficiaries.

No, WhyQ will be fully sponsoring the delivery fees involved and there will not be any extra charges borne by you.

You can still write a message on the encouragement wall to express your gratitude and show your support for these healthcare workers!

You can write a message on our encouragement wall. Our team will look through the messages before it will be posted on our webpage.

No. All proceeds will go directly towards purchasing the meals for the healthcare workers. WhyQ will not be taking any commission and will also fully bear the delivery fees incurred.