If you are not able to gift a meal, you can still help by writing a message to to our healthcare heroes! A simple message can give them encouragement and strength to continue fighting during this tough period.

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Thank you all for your service and your grit! We want you to know we really appreciate keeping us all well and safe.

A & H Kabra

You are our heroes! We truly appreciate it!


Thank you for the courage, dedication and hardwork. Thank you for the humanity and selflessness!


We cannot thankyou enough for all the care and efforts you all are taking to keep us safe. A salute and our best wishes to stay safe

Madhuri A Wagle

Your hard work and sacrifices are deeply appreciated. Jia you!


Thank you for our front liners. You are our angels.


Thank You health workers, delivery teams and other people who keep at it in the face of scary odds!


Thank you, this says all!


Thank you to our unsung heroes! Without you guys we will not be able to make it through these challenging times

Kiren Kaur

Thank you for your tireless efforts in taking care of the patients. Hang in there!


Truly a noble deed and our deepest thank you and love to all who are helping those in need. We salute you

Ravi Manchanda

Thank you for all the hard work and contribution! Stay safe!


You are all doing an amazing job. Prayers to the almighty to keep you & your families safe. No words can be used to express our gratitude. God bless you all

C A Prasad

Thanks to all the frontliners ! Please stay safe..


Thank you for all your sacrifice. God bless you all!

Anton Lim
gifted 25 meals